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Notiziario dei seminari di carattere matematico
a cura del Dipartimento di Matematica G. Castelnuovo, Sapienza Università di Roma

Settimana dal 16-09-2019 al 22-09-2019

Lunedì 16 settembre 2019
Ore 11:00, Aula C, Dipartimento di Matematica e Fisica via della Vasca Navale, 84
Seminario Terrestre e dell'Ambiente
Dustin M. Schroeder (Department of Geophysics, School of Earth, Energy, and Environmental Sciences - Stanford University -CA -USA)
Beyond images: getting deeper information from radar sounding
Radio echo sounding is a uniquely powerful geophysical technique for studying the interior of ice sheets, glaciers, and icy planetary bodies. It can provide broad coverage and deep penetration as well as interpretable ice thickness, basal topography, and englacial radio stratigraphy. However, despite the long tradition of glaciological interpretation of radar images, quantitative analyses of radar sounding data are rare and face several technical challenges. These include attenuation uncertainty from unknown ice temperature and chemistry, clutter and losses from surface and volume scattering, and a lack of problem-specific radar theory. However, there is rich, often underexploited, information in modern radar sounding data, which is being collected over terrestrial and planetary ice at an unprecedented rate. The development and application of hypothesis-driven analysis approaches for these data can place observational constraints on the morphologic, hydrologic, geologic, mechanical, thermal, and oceanographic configurations of ice sheets and glaciers. These boundary conditions – and the physical processes which they express and control – are filling a fundamental gap our ability to understand the evolution of both marine ice sheets and icy moons. These include the subglacial hydrology of marine ice sheets and the thermophysical structure of planetary ice shells.

Lunedì 16 settembre 2019 - venerdì 20 settembre 2019
Aula M3, Largo S. L. Murialdo, 1, Dipartimento di Matematica e Fisica
Benjamin Doyon (King's College London) Gian Michele Graf (ETH Zürich) Tomaz Prosen (University of Ljubljana) Marcello Porta (Eberhard-Karls Universität Tübingen)
Quantum Transport and Universality from Topological Materials to Quantum Hydrodynamics
The understanding of transport properties in interacting quantum systems is one of the fundamental problems, still mostly open, in condensed matter physics and statistical mechanics. Among the unsolved questions it is worth mentioning: the role of integrability in the study of transport properties; the combined effects of disorder and interactions among particles; the emergence of anomaly terms in transport coefficients for Weyl semimetals. These questions have stimulated a flourishing activity in theoretical condensed matter systems and have lead to recent unexpected developments, based on a combination of techniques ranging from Bethe Ansatz to conformal field theory, from gauge theories to Renormalization Group. 

Martedì 17 settembre 2019
Ore 12:30, Aula 1B1, Palazzina RM002, Dipartimento S.B.A.I
seminario di analisi matematica
Alexander Nazarov (Steklov Mathematical Institute )
Multiple structures for quasilinear equationsions by the variational method
We study entire bounded solutions to the equations of variational nature. The model example here is \( \Delta u - u + u^3 = 0 \) in \(\mathbb R^2\). Our approach is purely variational and is based on concentration arguments and symmetry considerations. This method allows us to construct in an unified way several types of solutions with various symmetries (radial, breather type, rectangular, triangular, hexagonal, etc.), both positive and sign-changing. It is also applicable for more general equations in any dimension. \medskip The talk is based on the joint paper with L. Lerman and P. Naryshkin

Giovedi 19 Settembre 2019
Ore 14:30, Aula 211, Universita' Roma Tre
Seminario di Geometria
Gavril Farkas (Humboldt University, Berlin)
Green's Conjecture via Koszul modules
Using ideas from geometric group theory we provide a novel approach to Green's Conjecture on syzygies of canonical curves. Via a strong vanishing result for Koszul modules we deduce that a general canonical curve of genus g satisfies Green's Conjecture when the characteristic is zero or at least (g+2)/2. Our results are new in positive characteristic (and answer positively a conjecture of Eisenbud and Schreyer), whereas in characteristic zero they provide a different proof for theorems first obtained in two landmark papers by Voisin. Joint work with Aprodu, Papadima, Raicu and Weyman.

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